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We provide uncompromising professionalism, efficient service according to your needs, support and advice throughout the entire process based on our rich experience over the years.

Installation and Completion:

  • Graphic design

  • Pagination

  • Preparing files for printing


  • Preparing printing plates

  • Matching paper

  • Printing

  • Binding

  • Storage until distribution

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Initial treatment of the material

  • Transcribing recorded material

  • Deciphering and copying manuscripts

  • Translations

Typing and Digitalizing

  • Typing and processing from transcripts

  • Type-setting in various languages and with a choice of fonts

  • Proofreading and corrections

  • Working along with the client: we accept material in stages from writers (sermons, lecture series, seminars, workshops, etc.)


  • Editing for grammar and syntax

  • Editing for style

  • Sources and references- checking and completion

  • Translation

  • Indexing

  • Title pages, dedications and memorial pages

  • To contact us, click here

To contact us, click here

שם ספרים

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