Organizing and Setting up Libraries, Including Acquisition

Organizing and Setting up Libraries, Including Acquisition

  • Setting up libraries

  • Advice

  • Organization

  • Implementation


Preparing for operation

  • Preparing for operation

  • Preparing acquisition list according to the client’s needs

  • Acquisition consistent with the agreed-upon budget

  • Preparing libraries for operation (storage space, reading room, lending system, photocopying services, use of digitalized resources, etc.)


according to the client’s needs, at any stage of setting up a library, and/or completion and re-organization of an existing library.


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At first glance, the field of Judaica is well-defined and easy to delineate, but actually there is almost no other field covering such a wide range of topics, or one that serves such a wide range of users.  A yeshiva collection of books is quite different from one that serves a learning center for students, and very different from an academic library on any level.

The needs of libraries vary, starting with the furniture, technical equipment, computerized system, software, etc. And from here to the heart of the library – the books and electronic information systems necessary for the regular functioning of the library. They have to be identified and acquired according to your requirements.

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